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  • Q1

    How to preserve not used up yet Coconut milk cans?

    If it is not used immediately after opening, the best way is to simply replace the container with completely sealed and stored in the refrigerator finished them within three days.
  • Q2

    Is it a normal situation after unsealing Coconut milk (can) and detect a grayish white layer or sediment?

    It is natural to find the sediment in this product which is extracted, therefore please feel free to use it. In addition, if the coconut milk is slightly agglomerated, the surface oil and water are separated or appear gray, which is also a nature situation.
  • Q3

    The spices have exceeded the shelf life, but the appearance does not seem abnormal, is it still edible?

    Even if the product looks normal, it is not recommended to avoid harm to health.
  • Q4

    How should the spices be preserved after opening to ensure their flavor and aroma?

    After unsealing, please keep the spices in a dry and cool place or in the refrigerator (Refrigeration Ideal).

    The shelf life of the product of Spicer’s products refers to the date on which the food can be eaten safely before the deadline under unsealed conditions. However, with the inappropriate storage method, it may easily cause the products browning, such as soap powder, garlic powder, etc. or got moisture absorption and agglomeration. Grass leaf products may have mildew or breed pests situation.

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