• Garlic Powder

    The product can be used as substitute for fresh garlic. (1g of the product equal to 8g of fresh garlic)

  • China Cassia Powder

    Add to cuisines or mix into dough for baking.

  • Star Anise Powder

    The unique flavour with nature spice ingredient.

  • Curry Powder Seasoned

    The blend can be used for making curry dishes.

  • Five Spice Powder B

    Enhance flavor and remove odor from ingredients. The blend can embody your ingredients a plenty of savory and taste.

  • Pepper Salt T

    Sprinkle or dip directly on fried chicken, fried cutlet and fried fish, the product can present and complement subtle flavor to your recipe.

  • Pepper Salt A

    The unique flavour with nature spice ingredient.

  • Blended Pepper Powder 3

    Ground under low temperature to keep it's authentic flavor.


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