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  • Q1

    How to preserve not used up yet Coconut milk cans?

    If it is not used immediately after opening, the best way is to simply replace the container with completely sealed and stored in the refrigerator finished them within three days.
  • Q2

    What is the ‘Sodium metabisulfite’ on the ingredient label of Coconut milk (cans)?

    According to Act Governing Food Sanitation expresses provided that ‘Sodium metabisulfite’ is an operational food bleaching agent, the main effect is to prevent the color changed in coconut milk from browning reaction, the adjunction content has compliance with legal standards, please feel free to consume.
  • Q3

    Is it a normal situation after unsealing Coconut milk (can) and detect a grayish white layer or sediment?

    It is natural to find the sediment in this product which is extracted, therefore please feel free to use it. In addition, if the coconut milk is slightly agglomerated, the surface oil and water are separated or appear gray, which is also a nature situation.
  • Q4

    Can Coconut milk consume directly without heating?

    Yes, you can eat coconut milk directly.

    Apart from the culinary of Coconut milk, you can use it by itself, simply by seasoning with tapioca pudding and make your own lush Thai cuisine. At summer time, you may also pour it mix with your beverages or drinking aside with cold water/ice that will create different special flavor.

    Spicer’s Coconut milks are all imports abroad, maintain the local flavor from Southeast Asia.
  • Q5

    How do I log in?

    Step 1. Log in to the Spicer Official Website (top right corner of the homepage), enter the entry and press 【Login Member】
                   (If there is no member account, please apply again)

    ▶ Step 2, press [Invoice Login] to enter the input activity interface.

    ▶ Step 3: Enter the invoice information, enter the number of the invoice number, enter the input and press 【Send】

    ▶ Step 4: Complete the invoice activity registration
  • Q6

    How to make salted pork? Why they will turn sour after the curing process?

    Salted pork literally is a Chinese version of Bacon, the curing agents include mainly sault, seasoned with a decent amount of garlic granules power black paper power spice powder, cinnamon power and star anise. Mix well, and apply on meat strips, rub with strong allow the spices improving flavor. Place in shady and cool place for 2-3 days, and then you may start Smoking or barbecuing.

    There are many reasons why bacon is sour, the biggest reason is:
    a. The body is not cleaned properly and bacteria are breeding.
    b. The salinity is too low to inhibit bacteria.
    c. Residual effective mother bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, and contaminated food.

    Degenerated meat, try not to eat unless you intentionally add the acid to make it acidic.
  • Q7

    What spices are used in addition to pepper while making pickled kimchi?

    The type and material or taste of the spices used in kimchi varies from preference to taste. Korean kimchi can be used in the production of Spicer’s Korean Chili Powder, with onion powder, garlic powder or garlic oil, ginger powder or ginger.

    While, Taiwanese kimchi has a lighter aroma. In addition to the pepper, a small amount of ginger, garlic, pepper, etc. can be marinated with kimchi by mixing salt and sugar.
  • Q8

    How to use Pork Broth Power? What is the difference between a soup with pork bone and Pork Broth Power?

    The Pork Broth Power and Chicken Powder from Spicer are both prepared by extracting concentrated and dried meat powder with natural meat.
    Each product has its proportion, according to the ratio, you can cook delicious soup.
    The Pork Broth Power formula has lower oil and fat content, and the smoothness is slightly lower than that of the soup head with the big bones. As for the aroma and sweet taste, it is no less than pork bones.
  • Q9

    Can fried chicken powder added with water to make batter or pulp?

    It is recommended to fry directly after dipping the powder.
  • Q10

    How do fried chickens with crispy skin and tender meat?

    Spicer’s Crispy Chicken Flour
    Please refer to the Western fried chicken fried method:

    Two methods

    Method one
    1. The ingredients are first stained with dry powder
    2. Re-slurry or egg syrup
    3. Finally dipped in powder


    Method two
    1. The ingredients are first stained with egg yolk
    2. Dip dry powder
    3. Dip the paste before the pot
    4. Fried under medium and high temperature until it turns golden brown
  • Q11

    How do you marinate the braised pork legs? What additives and spices can I use to improve the aroma?

    In the process of marinating the pig's feet, it is recommended to use Spicer’s five-flavor braised pouches, and use the Hong Kong-style multifarious braised powder and the scallion sauce from Spicer to replace the soy sauce and sugar.

    The traditional practice of braised pig's feet as follows.

    (1) Remove the pig's feet, wash, and scald (or over-oil: the purpose is to allow the skin to shrink and remain elastic). Put it into the freezer and freeze it until the deeper meat and gravy are iced (usually about 20 hours or more in the freezer).

    (2) Add the appropriate amount of warm water to the soy sauce, sugar, maltose, rock sugar, sugar cane festival, and then put the frozen pig's foot into the ice, and return to the pig's foot to become soft and cook.

    (3) After take the cooked food out of the boiler, sautéing the onion and ginger slices, turn off the fire, and add universal braised pouches/five-flavor braised pouches /aromatic braised pouches and pour the onion and ginger into the Step(2). Cook for about 15 minutes and turn to low heat, then pour in the right amount of wine and cola with low heat.
  • Q12

    Why do some people recommend removing the multifarious braised pouches during the process?

    The removal of the multifarious braised pouches is to avoid the bitterness of some spices in the multifarious braised pouches, such as octagonal and dried tangerine peel.
  • Q13

    What is the difference from universal braised pouches, five-flavor braised pouches and aromatic braised pouches?What is the difference in usage?

    Spicer’s multifarious braised pouches are based on the formulation of various food odors. Due to the convulsions of beef and mutton, it is recommended to use aromatic braised pouches.
    Chicken and plant ingredients (such as dried bean curd and radish) are recommended to use universal braised pouches, five-flavor braised pouches.
  • Q14

    Can the Spicer's multifarious braised pouches vegan friendly?

    All Spicer’s multifarious braised pouches are vegan, please feel free to consume.
  • Q15

    What are the difference between The meat tenderizer and The tender meat pickle powder for daily use?

    1. The meat tenderizer includes enzymes, salt and starch, which can tender meat.
    2. The tender meat pickle powder apart from the above ingredients, it also contains spice ingredients (black pepper, garlic, cinnamon, pepper) and has both tender meat and cured meat results.
  • Q16

    Is the ingredient in the Meat tenderizer powder nature?

    The ingredient inside the meat tenderizer powder produced by Spicer are all nature, the main ingredient are plant enzyme that is able to decompose protein formulated from papaya enzyme and pineapple enzyme.
    Moreover, the Meat tenderizer powder from Spicer not only softens the flesh, but also increases the water retention effect, mainly because it blends other raw materials, such as salt and starch.
    Enzymes, also known as the principle of tenderizing meat, mainly using enzymes to cut muscle fibers, which in turn tenderizes meat and shortens cooking time.
  • Q17

    What is the difference between cardamom granule, cardamom powder and nutmeg power?

    Cardamom granules and cardamom powers are both specially selected from Guatemala high quality cardamom, one is granular another is powdery.

    How to use
    Cardamom granules are suitable for pastries, desserts, curry dishes, etc, as for nutmeg can match with broccoli, potatoes, and meat.
  • Q18

    What is the difference between freeze grind method and general grind method?

    The frozen grinding product features a fresh and mellow flavor.It will give off its fragrant taste slowly and permanently.

    Since the product is processed at low temperature (liquid nitrogen temperature -196 ° C),which can avoid the loss of raw material flavor caused by the increased frictional heat of grinding. Therefore, the flavor of the frozen-ground spice product retains more and more complete aroma than the generally ground product.
  • Q19

    The spices have exceeded the shelf life, but the appearance does not seem abnormal, is it still edible?

    Even if the product looks normal, it is not recommended to avoid harm to health.
  • Q20

    What are the different cooking methods between Black Pepper Coarse and Fine Grind Black Pepper?

    The Fine Grind Black Pepper is fine, like powder, which is suitable for instant hot food, so that the flavor is emitted with the heat, as for bigger granules are matches for stewing, pickling, etc., so that its flavor can slowly release and tasted in the dish.
  • Q21

    How should the spices be preserved after opening to ensure their flavor and aroma?

    After unsealing, please keep the spices in a dry and cool place or in the refrigerator (Refrigeration Ideal).

    The shelf life of the product of Spicer’s products refers to the date on which the food can be eaten safely before the deadline under unsealed conditions. However, with the inappropriate storage method, it may easily cause the products browning, such as soap powder, garlic powder, etc. or got moisture absorption and agglomeration. Grass leaf products may have mildew or breed pests situation.
  • Q22

    What are the characteristics of the BT17 Grinder spice?

    • Our exclusive patent stylish product design, adding an elegant style in the kitchen. 
    • Light curve design gives you a chance to rotate effortlessly. 
    • Multi-stage automatic adjustment grinding approach allows you to adjust granule sizes as you please. 
    • The highest grade of raw materials under strictly selected in order to meet the highest level needs of taste.
  • Q23

    How to use the BT17 Grinder spice and its Cautions?

    【The Guide Book】
    1. Firstly, tear off the package sealing film and the inner cover sealing piece, and replace the grinder can and cover the upper cover. 
    2. After that, while rotating, holding the upper part of the grinder in one hand and hold the bottle in one hand. 
    3. While you rotate the cover clockwise, you will reduce the grinding aperture. 
    4. While you rotate the cover counterclockwise, you will increase the grinding aperture.

    【Cautions 】
    • When you cannot use smoothly or idling during grinding using the products, under these conditions, please rotate the cover counterclockwise. 
    • You can use a dry paper towel to clean or wipe the cloth to clean the discharge port. Please do not use dishwashing detergent and soak in discharge port. 
    • Do not adjust the aperture adjustment knob to the finished bottom limit (no gap) to prevent the abrasives from rubbing each other and causing wear. 
    • Please cover the top cover and store it in a cool dry place to avoid contact with high temperature and high humidity when you are not using the products. 
    • If the products are taken out from low temperature (refrigerated), the products should be returned to the temperature to ensure that the anhydrous gas above the grinder is ground again to avoid the moisture of the spices.
  • Q24

    What kind of cuisine is applicable for BT17 Grinder spices?

    What kind of cuisine is applicable for BT17 Grinder spices? 
    The BT17Grinder spice products can be refers to the Spicer Official Website recipe introduce page, you can also use according to characteristics.
    For instance, pink salt is best for barbecues. Such as,steak or grilled fish can be used to reveal the delicious ingredients.

    Herbs salt grinder is like upgraded versions of Italian spices, suitable for apply on Italian pasta or baked goods, as for Black/White pepper grinder can be served in salads, fillings, soups and various dishes that can upgraded aroma around you. 

    More information you may find on the Spicer Official Website Recipe page.
  • Q25

    Can I order products directly from Tomax?

    Our produces not for direct sell, but you purchase them in stores all over the province, 
    such as supermarkets, food materials and major online shopping malls.

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