• Meat Tenderizer

    Meat tenderizer is made from natural papain and bromelin, its perfect power to tenderize lambs or ribs will save up to half time and price.

  • 五香蒸肉粉


  • 濃香滷包


  • 萬用滷味包


  • 茶葉蛋滷包


  • Bonito Furikake Rice Seasoning

    Easy, simple, healthy, quick and tasty furikake for people who likes to eat and make good food.

  • Thyme Powder

    Sprinkle on any cuisine to flavor up its taste, or combine with all ingredients when cooking your cuisine.

  • Rosemary Powder

    Can be a sprinkle or added the product to cook or used in meat procesed.

  • 義大利綜合香辛粉


  • Thyme Leaves

    Sprinkle on or mix into the cuisine to make your dish fresh and charming.

  • Rosemary Leaves

    Can be added in a variety of dishes or can be used as a seasoning when culinary dish.

  • Parsley Leaves

    Sprinkle on the cuisine to be a garnish or add into the cooking to flavor up the dish.

  • Oregano Leaves

    Sprinkle directly on the cuisine or mix into paste, seasoning or stewed dish.

  • Basil Leaves

    Add in the cuisine to make your dish a fresh, exotic flavor.

  • Curry Powder Seasoned

    The blend can be used for making curry dishes.

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