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Nutmeg Powder

Sprinkle on any cuisine to flavor up its taste, or combine with all ingredients when cooking your cuisine.
  • Product Name 荳蔻粉
    Product Features 小磨坊嚴選進口高品質荳蔻粒並採用獨家「冷凍研磨」技術研磨而成,能將荳蔻本身濃郁的香味完整保留,香氣馥郁、清新溫暖,味道略苦兼具清涼甜味。
    Product NO. B0120AT4470
    International Barcode 4710059041201
    Shelf life 24個月
    Net weight 230g
    Ingredients 荳蔻粒、木質纖維素。【純素】
    Country of origin 台灣
    Speciality Pure/Strict Vegetarian
    Halal Certification no
  • Ingredients
     Nutmeg , Cellulose【Pure vegetarian diet】

    Nutmeg Powder (Country of origin : Taiwan)

  • Preservation
     Store in a dry, cool place

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