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Garic Powder Dehydrated

The product can be used as substitute for fresh garlic. (1g of the product equal to 8g of fresh garlic)
  • Product Name 香蒜粉
    Product Features 小磨坊香蒜粉嚴選優質蒜頭製造研磨而成,具有濃烈天然蒜香風味及辛辣氣味,以1:8的比例代替新鮮蒜頭使用,經濟又實惠,使用方便。使用在料理中可達到去腥的效果,並增添菜餚濃郁香味。
    Product NO. B0060AT4400
    International Barcode 4710059040600
    Shelf life 24個月
    Net weight 260g
    Ingredients 蒜粉、品質改良劑(二氧化矽)。【植物五辛素】
    Country of origin Garlic powder Dehydrateed (原產地:台灣)
    Speciality Five forbidden strong-smelling vegetables element
    Halal Certification no
  • Ingredients
     Garlic powder, Quality Improvement (Silicon Dioxide)
    【Pure vegetarian (with allium) 】

    Garlic powder Dehydrateed (Country of origin : Taiwan)

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